Inside home of horrors plagued with rats, woodlice, mould and damp where man has lived for SEVEN years

Apr 16, 2018
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A tenant says he’s spent seven years living in a home of horrors plagued with sewer rats, woodlouse infestations, condensation, mould and damp.

Daniel John claims to have suffered a range of problems during his time living in Cimla, near Neath, south Wales.

He claimed damp and mould mean he constantly has to paint, that his kitchen and bathroom were infested with woodlice and that he was met with rats on a regular basis due to a big hole near the sewer drain.

He has now called for social housing landlord Tai Tarian to take action to resolve his nightmare for good, Wales Online reported.

But Tai Tarian claimed he had not followed its instructions to arrange repairs to his home and attempts to communicate with him had failed.

The flat is plagued with rats, woodlice, mould and damp
(Image: South Wales Evening Post)
Tenant Daniel John says he’s lived in the grim conditions for seven years
(Image: South Wales Evening Post)
He has called for social housing landlord Tai Tarian to take action to resolve his nightmare
(Image: South Wales Evening Post)
Damp seeping through the roof near a smoke alarm
(Image: South Wales Evening Post)

Explaining his ordeal, Mr John claimed: “When I moved in, there was no boiler, everything was damp and there had previously been a fire in the property.

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“Not one wall was normal to the point where I have never even been able to have wallpaper because of the condition of walls and damp.

“I am constantly painting because of the mould and damp.

“The gutters at the property have never been cleaned and we constantly get flooded.

“There’s no rendering on most of the property so every day my kitchen and bathroom is infested with woodlice and it obviously doesn’t help with damp and mould.

“I have also had several windows replaced because they are full of water and condensation.

Huge damp patches span the length of some rooms
(Image: South Wales Evening Post)
Mr John is met with rats on a regular basis due to a big hole near the sewer drain
(Image: South Wales Evening Post)
The edges of windows and doors are being eaten away by damp
(Image: South Wales Evening Post)

“There’s a big hole next to the sewer drain and rats normally pop out on a regular basis right next to my kitchen and back door.”

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Mr John explained a kitchen and bathroom scheme was carried out by Tai Tarian, but he described the results as a “mess”.

“They only completed half my bathroom because it was too big and painted over old mouldy damp tiles while in process,” he claimed.

“The whole time my bathroom was leaking and still is to this day.

“Nothing was done right, not even in the kitchen. There are still screws half way out of worktops, skirting boards hanging off and my brand new tumble drier was broken.

“I have had to replace several carpets, settees, curtains, rugs, and items of clothing because of mould.”

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The rats emerge from the sewers near the kitchen door
(Image: South Wales Evening Post)
The landlord claims attempts to make repairs have proved difficult and the tenant has not followed advice
(Image: South Wales Evening Post)
Mould and decay exposed by a missing skirting board
(Image: South Wales Evening Post)

Mr John explained that his upstairs neighbour was also experiencing problems.

“He has literally got water running down his living room wall and has been going through the same problems but for 20 years longer than me and is still in the same situation,” Mr John said.

“They came and put new doors on which had all split and come off the frames the same day as they put them on because the doors are cardboard and they put about 10inch screws straight through them.

“There’s a million other problems which have to be seen to be believed and I have folders full of paperwork of repairs that need to be done.

“I just don’t know what more I can do.”

Aled Samuel, the tenancy relations team leader for Tai Tarian, said: “Following a request from Mr John to transfer to another property, an inspection of his current home was carried out.

Brickwork crumbling where damp has eaten away at the walls
(Image: South Wales Evening Post)
Mr John says he has folders full of paperwork about repair work that needs to be completed
(Image: South Wales Evening Post)
A cracked window that has gone unrepaired
(Image: South Wales Evening Post)

“Mr John was told that some minor repairs were needed to his property before his request could be considered.

“Mr John was advised to contact our repairs section to arrange these. The rest of the property was in a good condition.

“To date, Mr John has still not reported these repairs.

“Attempts to speak with Mr John about these issues have proved unsuccessful with phone calls having to be terminated due to Mr John becoming agitated.

“Mr John has also been advised of the procedure he needs to follow should he wish to make a formal complaint. To date, this has not been done.

“Efforts are continuing to try and address Mr John’s concerns.”

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