Michelle Williams: The Sleek Pixie

Michelle Williams is known for her quiet personality and feminine flair. This style is perfect for her demure features. The sleek pixie is unpretentious, which makes it perfect for anyone with a petite facial structure. It is very prim and dreamy! It also creates softness to the face, without overpowering her petite features.

How To Style:

Apply desired hair products.

Blow dry 100% of the moisture out of the hair using a Denman brush.

To create volume, dry the hair in the opposite direction, then smooth down with the blow dryer.

Use a shine spray to get the last little amount of frizz.

Use a texturizing paste to create a more textured look.

Best face shape and hair type:

A round, petite face is best! The hair type that works best with this chic look is fine, thin hair.

Extra tip:

Use pomade or hair taffy to texturize the look. Use your fingers to “snap” those textured pieces right into place.

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By Erin B 10/29/2012 07:57:00