Pregnant Kardashian Shows Off Her Killer Curves As She Poses Nude On KUWTK


Heavily pregnant Kourtney Kardashian left little to the imagination as she showed off all of her curves in a naked photoshoot on a new episode of reality show, KUWTK. 

The 36-year-old appeared perfectly at ease with her body as she smiled for the cameras, covering her cleavage with her hands as she paraded around the set.

However, her long-time love Scott Disick took it upon himself to let her know that she could do with a little personal grooming before the photoshoot.  

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Proud of her body: Kourtney Kardashian flaunted her pregnant curves as she posed for a naked photoshoot during the latest episode of KUWTK 

Dare to bare: The playful mother covered her cleavage with her hands as she prepared to have her pictures taken 

'When her stomach is hanging over things, I don't think she realizes how unkempt her lawn can get. I think she forgets that hair still grows downstairs,' said Disick.

‘If you'd have asked me you would have known that when I was 11 I worked in a barbershop for three days. I can trim you up real nice,' Scott boasted.

'Her bush is hanging out like its the '80s and I am not going to stand for that. So if I have to get my hands dirty then I will.'

Paying compliments: 'I didn't even know you were this pretty,' said an impressed Scott after walking into the photoshoot 

No wonder he was impressed: She covered up a little in an undone top as she took hold of her curves 

She's done this before: She knew exactly how to pose as she gazed at the camera 

Snap happy: Kourtney didn't seem at all shy as she worked her magic in front of the camera 

And with sister Khloe watching on Scott gave his giggling wife a trim as she laid in an empty bath with her legs up in the air.

When Scott showed Kourtney his handiwork she was actually impressed 

As he saw his naked wife being photographed Scott was impressed with how good she looked.

'I didn't even know you were this pretty,' said an impressed Scott after walking into the photoshoot.


Meanwhile: Scott groomed longtime love Kourtney's 'bush'

Personal barber: ‘If you'd have asked me you would have known that when I was 11 I worked in a barbershop for three days. I can trim you up real nice,' Scott said as he gave his lover a little personal grooming 

Clippers: Scott teased Kourtney about her personal grooming, saying it was 'like the 80s'

'Seeing Kourtney at the photoshoot and noticing how well sculpted she is downstairs makes me believe that I do have more than one talent.

'She does look quite amazing, she really has a glow to her. I am pretty proud of her.'

However, there were also fraught tensions on the show, after a furious Kris Jenner confronted Scott about his hard partying after she got sick of his drunken behavior at her own Las Vegas birthday party. 

Second nude pregnant shoot: The mother-of-three posed with only a fringed necklace and nothing else

Veteran: The last time she did a pregnant nude shoot was when she was carrying five-year-old son Mason

Eye of the beholder: Celebrity photographer Brian Bowen Smith took the pictures for Kourtney

On Sunday's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the angry 59-year-old reality star was left soaked in champagne after the 31-year-old longtime love of her daughter Kourtney sprayed a bottle over her and whacked her on the head with it for good measure as he spun out of control yet again.

The pair were in Las Vegas's 1OAK Nightclub after he booked her to do a paid appearance on her latest birthday - despite it being branded 'desperate' by her famous daughters.

Kris tried to get out of the commitment but Scott pressured her to go through with it despite Kim's serious misgivings and warning to her mum to 'grow some balls' and do things that were more positive for her image.  

Proud partner: He later said:  'She does look quite amazing, she really has a glow to her. I am pretty proud of her'


What a woman! She looked incredible in each shot as she displayed her naked form 

Before the trip to Vegas Kris warned Scott of her concerns about his drinking and told him she would not tolerate it.

'You do a good job with that crowd in that world. You just need to just lay off the alcohol,' she said.

'I wish you could get to the place where you could have a couple of drinks and enjoy, because we all get a little bit our of our minds and that is not a trait that is pretty for any of us.'


Angry momager: Kris Jenner and Scott Disick get into an argument as she accuses the father-of-three of being irresponsible while drunk in the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians on Sunday

While the kids are away, Kris will play: The mother-of-six celebrated her 59th birthday at Las Vegas's 1OAK Nightclub

'What the f**k are you doing?!' Kris yelled at Scott after he sprayed champagne all over her

Kris then told the cameras that she was worried about Scott in Las Vegas and that they were going on a business trip not to party.

'I want to encourage you to be the best you can be. The people you surround yourself with, that energy can take you down really fast.'

Things began to go badly for Scott and Kris when he turned up at dinner before the party in an already lively mood.

'At this point Scott is full on drunk and we have not even got to the club yet and I am seriously worried. I have to get him to slow down or we are going to have a huge problem' Kris told t

Do something! Her toyboy Corey Gamble, 33, just looked on 

'You don't f**king f**k with me!' Kris was adamant about taking Scott back home to sober up

As Scott knocked back beer and liquor Kris looked at him and simply said: ‘You are an a**hole.’

And things did not get any better as Disick continued to spin loudly out of control as Kris's boyfriend Corey stepped and asked him to simmer down.

'Scott is really crossing a line now, my prayer is that he stays happy and funny Scott and not cranky and angry Scott. I cannot wait until this night is over,' said Kris.

In the club things went badly when Scott began spraying champagne, soaking Kris and messing up her hair and cracking her in the head with the bottle.

'I love you': Scott apologized to Kris shortly after

Observing bad behavior: Corey commented about Scott's drinking

'What the f**k are you doing? You hit me in the head. "You don’t f**king f**k with me,"' she shouted at him angrily.

'I have a lot of anxiety now as Scott's behaviour is escalating to another level and I have been around way too long to know that this does not always end well.

'I am so angry with Scott right now. I will accept his apology if he comes with me gets on a plane and goes home. The last thing I need is for Kourtney to be upset with me about what is happening with Scott.'

When she got home, Kris told Kourtney about Scott's bad behavior.

Confessional: Kris told the E! cameras that she was worried about Scott in Las Vegas and that they were going on a business trip not to party

'I don't know what was going on, it was just so crazy. I felt really bad that he was getting like that on my watch,' said Kris.

Kourtney told her that it was not her fault and she was not angry with her.

'I can rationalize if he goes out once in a while with his friends but I did say if he is going out then he cannot come home that night. The frustrating part is that he goes from one extreme to the next and gets on this bandwagon of one thing then changes it suddenly without talking to anybody.'

Kris told the cameras she would never again put Scott in the situation where alcohol is involved.

'He is not trying. He is literally schizophrenic. I truly hope that Scott's Vegas binge was a one time thing he can get it together as the baby is due soon and I cannot deal with this right now. It is the same thing over and over and over. It is such a roller coaster, it is frustrating.' 

Also in the episode: Kim hired a team of experts on surveillance to figure out who is stealing from her Dash New York boutique with BFF Jonathan Cheban

Elsewhere the sisters were shocked to be told that their New York DASH clothing store had been hit hard by theft and shoplifting.

And they sent super-spy Kim in to sort the problem out.

With the help of her friend Jonathan Cheban and his own security experts Kim hired a team to do surveillance on the DASH store, with cameras and microphones tracking all movements in the store.

I spy: Cameras and microphones tracked all movements in the store

Kim then sent in security expert turned Kardashian spy, Sal, to test out the employees.

'I have always loved investigating, I am the best spy, I can figure everything out. This is so exciting,' said Kim.

While in the store Sal 'stole' items from under their nose.

'I am furious, this is ridiculous,' said an angry Kim as she later confronted the staff.

'I just begin to tell you how shocked I am,' she said as the staff sat open-mouthed in shock at what Kim had discovered.

'I am furious, this is ridiculous': Her friend Sal stole items to test the employees


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