Celebrities Who've Already Shown Off Their Body In 2017

We might be only a month into 2017, but do you think that means that 15 gorgeous celebrities in Hollywood have hesitated from showing off their body? Heck no! Below we’ve tracked down 15 celebrities that are already turning heads with their outfits (or lack thereof!) so far this year. Sure you may know Ariel Winter looks amazing, but do you know how stunning she looked when showing off her legs in heels and some mighty tiny jean shorts?

Love looking at women in swimsuits? Get intrigued by the fact that several women elected to celebrate the new year by cramming their bodies into bikinis and taking on the beach. Then there’s even Heidi Klum who conveniently forgot her swimsuit!

Love women that aren’t afraid to show off their body as they get ready to party? We have that too.

We even have some women (like Winter) that had outfits both from the beach and a night out that were so hot we couldn’t just pick one!

Rounding out the list, don’t think we’ve forgotten about some of the hottest photo shoots that have come out so far. Emma Stone, Aly Raisman, and Kendall Jenner have all proudly stripped away parts of their clothing for a variety of magazines.

One thing these women all have in common? You’re going to love looking at each and every one of them!

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Rob Myers
By Rob Myers 01/23/2017 06:19:00