Photos Of Jessica Nigri

Hair done up, rocking either a cropped sweater, or simply one that is just way too small for her, along with some Daisy Duke denim shorts, Nigri brings her audience a bit closer to her reality here with this cubby wall. Crafting materials, cosplay weapons, Polaroids (for the special Patreon people), cans, notebooks, those anime inspirations, and the Mandalorion helmet of one Boba Fett, help open up a window into the life of a cosplay legend. While all of these items could be very interesting and indicative of one thing or another, this photo has done the reverse of some of the others, and instead of making one interested in the items, and surroundings in the photo, one is dead set on the devious look on Jessica’s face. Her traditionally intense eyeliner makes the signature side-glance pop incredibly, and with the devilish grin, and her hands up in an innocent “Oh, did I do that?” manner, or perhaps in a naive “Oh, I had no idea” sort of way, the attraction inherent in that aforementioned, innocent way, is breathtaking, and could be why, almost no matter what Nigri wears, she is so fundamentally the bench mark for all cosplay girls today.

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Rob Myers
By Rob Myers 12/13/2016 03:03:00