15 Pictures Brock Lesnar

Pictures Brock Lesnar Doesn't Want You To See

This rare picture was not of a Big Foot sighting but instead, Lesnar finally spotted in the public eye in Saskatchewan, Canada. Dressed in his hoodie, Brock certainly looks at home with the folks around him.

Brock has admitted that he likes to live an old school life back home which is why he left the Maple Plain, Minnesota area moving to Maryfield, Saskatchewan. Lesnar enjoys the simpler things in life like living in the woods and enjoying family time as opposed to using technology like internet, cell phones and television, as he stated in an interview. Brock loved to farm since a young age as his father raised him on a farm when he was young. The passion never escaped Lesnar as he’s living back on the same landscape today in the cold tundra of Saskatchewan. He also loves to hunt on his spare time both in the hot and cold conditions. Numerous pictures have surfaced of Lesnar hunting in the cold climate and catching lots of prey.

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Rob Myers
By Rob Myers 11/29/2016 06:09:00