Netflix Algorithm Gives Australian Viewers What They Want

Netflix revealed the algorithm it uses to help Australian viewers select content New algorithms are based on commonalities in theme, story detail or characters Originally algorithms were simply based on genre, such as

Mel B Walks off AGT Stage after Simon Cowell Cracks Joke

Mel B threw a cup of water on Simon Cowell during America's Got Talent on Tuesday and walked off the stage after he cracked a

Jemma Lucy explodes at Chad Johnson as the Celebrity Big Brother housemates struggle to stomach his romance with Sarah Harding

Jemma thinks the pair are disrespecting everyone else - and then calls him a 'p***k' Gobby Celebrity Big Brother contestant Jemma Lucy has given Chad Johnson

When Does Strictly Come Dancing 2017 Start? Plus the full Celebrity Line-up, Judging Panel and Hosts

The return of Strictly Come Dancing is so close we can almost taste it. And with the 2017 line-up now revealed, the question on everyones’ lips

Taylor Swift and the Snake: A look back at her relationship with the emoji with a sting in its tail

How Taylor's public feuds with Kanye, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and Calvin Harris led to her snakey reputation As every single fan of Love Island can

The shocking reason behind Sarah Harding's erratic behaviour on Celebrity Big Brother

The Girls Aloud singer has gripped viewers with her nightly antics Thanks to her nightly tears and temper tantrums, Sarah Harding's volatile behaviour has become one

Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6 review - The penultimate Episode of The Year Delivers Shocks and Heartbreak

SPOILER ALERT - Definitely don’t read on if you don’t want anything ruining. Especially that one big spoiler... Well that was a rollercoaster ride, eh? After last

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